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What is GIM?

GIM is providing the most efficient Digital Freight Network in Bangladesh through its online platforms. Connecting the customers to the transporter through mobile app and web-based services, we are trying to minimize the time gap and maximize the proper utilization of resources. Not only that, an online bidding system ensures the best price of the market for the customer. Now, the truck owners/drivers do not need to wait more for trips. Apart from general customers, small, medium, and large enterprises can also join GIM to connect with transporters and as a transporter to avail the services.

How GIM works?

The digital freight network uses automatic learning and mechanization to efficiently connect shippers/customers and carriers/haulers. As the market expands it creates a flywheel impact that benefits both sides. As more customers join the network, drivers/partners have better options, fewer empty miles and fewer wasted hours allowing them to earn more per day. As more drivers join the network, capacity increases, and shippers see lower costs and higher service quality.

Who can use GIM?

Anyone who needs a truck or logistic service and the truck owner who has trucks from which he wants to earn money by getting trips can use GIM. Both parties need to have a national ID card or similar documents that justify his/her valid identity.

What is needed to use GIM?

If you have a smartphone, PC, or laptop with an internet connection then you can use GIM. For the customers, we have a smartphone app on both android and IOS platforms.

What is the registration process?

To join GIM, first download the app from the play-store or app-store(only customer) else you can visit www.gim.com.bd. Register with the required information as a customer/partner/ driver on your requirement. Your account will be activated within a moment and then, you can start using GIM with your mobile number and password from any place.

How does it benefit its users?

For Customer –
You will be able to hire trucks from anywhere without going to the truck-stands.
You will be able to choose from the different price.
There are options to choose a truck among the vast categories.
Its time saving, easy and convenient.

For Truck owner –
Get more trips by sitting at your workplace.
No need to wait for agencies to give you a trip.
Earn more with minimum efforts.
Easy, convenient, and time-saving.
You will be able to book return trips before starting your journey

What kinds of Trucks are available in GIM?

All types of available trucks in Bangladesh are here at our platform to assure the best services for our users. If you require other types of trucks then select the other option from the truck menu and describe your requirement.

Why will you choose us?

All the truck owners and drivers at GIM platforms are verified by checking their valid papers. Also, all the customers have to verify their identity through some processes before placing a Bid.

How GIM is different from other similar types of service providers?
  • The application/website has been designed based on the service seeker and Transportation Industry requirement.
  • Continuous update on apps/website.
  • Information security.
  • We always work for the customer benefit to ensure them the most profitable service.
  • Digital payment service.
  • Options to choose your preferable price among multiple bids.
  • Advance truck booking facility.
How fast the information is updated in GIM?
  • The customer information is updated instantly (except for a few identities verification issues).
  • Truck owner/Truck information/Driver information is updated after verifying their documents within 12-24 hours.
What will happen if the Customer or Partner use GIM to transport illegal goods?

GIM will fully comply with the legal system of Bangladesh and do necessaries to help law to find out the offender and try to help out the victim within their limit.

Who may become GIM’s Enterprise Customer?

Any SME or large enterprise who requires service from GIM’s platform can become GIM’s Enterprise customer. Enterprise customers can create trips, view bids, select bids and also can complete a trip from the website as well as GIM app.

How can one create an Enterprise account?

In order to create an Enterprise account, one needs to register from GIM website https://gim.com.bd. To register, please go to “Create an Account” section from the website and select “Enterprise”. Then input your mobile number. After giving the verification code, you can input other details like Name of Company, Designation, e-mail address and other details to complete the registration.

Where can I view my user information from the website?

An enterprise user can find “Profile” in the left menu bar of the website from where all the user information can be viewed.

Can a user change his details from User Information?

An Enterprise user can only view his user information from the “Profile” section and can only change his password.
In case an enterprise user needs to change any other data, he can directly contact the GIM service centre for additional help.

How can an enterprise user create trips from the web?

To create a trip, a registered Enterprise customer needs to go to “Create Trips” from the left menu bar option of the website and input all mandatory details. The mandatory field information requires Pick-up date, Pick-up time, Pick-up address, Drop-off address, Truck Type & size and Type of goods. After inputting all this mandatory information, tapping on the “Create” button will create the trip from the web. An Enterprise user can use his log-in credentials to create trips from the GIM customer app as well.

Can I search/view my trips with a date filter?

Yes, an enterprise user can set a date filter from the “My trips” section and can filter the Requested/Booked/History trips. He can also reset the filter by tapping the “Reset” button from the filter section on the top to cancel the date filter.

Can I export my trip list?

Yes, an Enterprise customer can export a trip list in both pdf and excel format. The trip list exported will be based on filter results. The trip results from all four sections can be exported by an enterprise user; Live, Requested, Booked and History.

How to check and accept bids from different bid amounts received on created trips?

From the Enterprise website, a user can go to My Trips from the left menu bar. Under the “Requested” menu, a user can find all his requested trip list. The list for Requested Trips will show Bids Received under a separate tab. By clicking any trip from the list, it will show the Trip information and Bid list. The user then needs to tap on “Bid List” to see all the bids and can click “Accept Bid” to accept any bid.

My Trips -> Requested -> Bid Received -> Tapping on a trip to accept bid -> Bid List -> Accept Bid

How to duplicate trips?

An enterprise user has the option to select the number of trips he wants to create from the “create trip” option.

In case the enterprise user missed he can duplicate trips from GIM website even after the trip is created. Once a trip is created, the user needs to find that trip from the Requested Trips and click duplicate to create more trips of the same type. Clicking “Duplicate” will need the user to enter the number of trips he wants to create and then click “Create”. A trip can be duplicated from both the “Requested” and the “Booked” list of trips.

Can an Enterprise user do cash payment for any trip?

No, Enterprise users always have to pay with Invoice option.

Can I give a rating to the driver/partner for a specific trip?

Yes. Upon completing a trip, an enterprise user can view a rating field for both the partner and the driver. An enterprise user can select the number of stars he wants to give for the rating. He can also choose to leave a review for both driver/partner.

In case an enterprise user wants to provide review later, he can find the trip from “History” field and give ratings even after a trip is completed

Where can I view my total amount for all my trips in the Requested/Booked /History section?

An enterprise user can view all his total number of trips and the total amount for his trips in the summary section of “My Trips”

Booked – An Enterprise user can see the total number of trips in confirmed status from the “Booked” tab with the corresponding amount for those trips.
Live – An Enterprise user can view the total number of trips in Live status from the “Live” tab with the corresponding amount for those live trips.
History – An Enterprise user can view the total number of completed trips with its corresponding amount from the “History” section.

What is the difference between an Enterprise admin user and Enterprise regular user?

An Enterprise regular user can generate and complete trips as described above but can only have visibility of his created trips. An enterprise admin can have multiple users who can be assigned for trip management, but each user can only view his own trip details and cannot access other user’s trip details. Admin users can view all trip details performed by all users, admins as well as root admin.

What is the difference between an admin and a root admin?

Root admin is the supreme admin for an Enterprise. There can be only one root admin for an Enterprise whereas there can be multiple admins. In the current version release (v- 1.0), there is no difference in activities between root admin and admin.

Who may become GIM’s Enterprise Partner?

Any SME or large enterprise who are interested in deploying their company’s trucks in the transport business can become GIM’s Enterprise Partner.

What is the registration process?

❯ At first, go to GIM’s website www.gim.com.bd

❯ Select ‘Partner’ in the “Create an Enterprise Account” section.

❯ Enter your mobile number and press the register button.

❯ Type the 4 digits verification code from your SMS.

❯ Enter the Name of your Company, Your Name, Designation, and Email address.

❯ Create your Password and enter your contact person’s name and mobile number (if any) and Register.

❯ After verification, your account will be activated within 24 hours.

❯ Once you are activated, go to the GIM website www.gim.com.bd enter your mobile number and password to login into your account and start adding trucks and drivers and bid on available trips.

Why will you register with GIM as an Enterprise Partner?

❯ If you are an Enterprise partner of GIM, you will be able to register your trucks and drivers with GIM and can avail trips throughout the country.
❯ You will be able to use your idle trucks for earning extra income from existing resources.
❯ You will not have to worry about returning with empty trucks after completing your scheduled trip.

  1. Use the app in either English or Bangla.
  2. Add and manage trucks and drivers to assign them to trips
  3. Search and view the desired trips you can bid on
  4. Place bids on trips
  5. View the won, lost and ongoing bids
  6. Start and complete the booked trip
  7. View invoice for the completed trips
  8. Receive notifications for a seamless experience
  9. Monitor the utilization and earning from your fleet
  10. View the trip details for available, booked, bided, live and completed trips
  11. Track your trucks and view the Dashboard for overall statistics
Who may become GIM’s partner?

Any transport owners or agents in Bangladesh may become GIM’s partner by registering in the service. Partners will connect their own or approved trucks to GIM by providing necessary information, documents and photos. After adding the trucks, partners may find desired trips from GIM online platform.

How to sign up as a partner?
  1. First, go to our partner app and click the Register button.
  2. Give your phone number and click the send verification SMS button.
  3. Give the verification code which you will get via SMS.
  4. If you want to register as a driver as well then click the yes button and press next.
  5. Fill up the necessary field and press finish button.
  6. You are now registered as a partner.
How Partner will add truck in GIM?
  1. Login to the partner app
  2. Click on the Truck option
  3. Click on the truck icon at upper right corner
  4. Fill up the necessary boxes and add the required documents to add a truck.
How Partner will remove a truck in GIM?

No option in the App currently but from the website, you will be able to remove a truck.

  1. Login to our website as a partner.
  2. Click on the vehicle option
  3. Then click on the Bin icon to remove the selected truck.
What are the necessary documents to add a truck in GIM?

 5 necessary documents are required to add a truck.

  1. Truck registration certificate**
  2. Fitness certificate**
  3. Route permit paper**
  4. Tax token paper
  5. Insurance paper
What are the benefits of GIM’s partners?

GIM ensures a simple, seamless experience to book and delivers loads.

  • With GIM, get more trips anytime, anywhere.
  • Get your trip and ensure a RETURN trip.  
  • Reduce idle time.
  • Track your truck.
  • Plan for all of your trucks ahead. 
  • Get invoice of your trip on your mobile.
  • GIM has 24/7 call centre support if you have any query.
If the pick-up time is crossed, then what should be our acceptable waiting time for a customer to wait for a truck?

1 Hour is the acceptable waiting time period.

If a customer starts delaying to load/unload the product after crossing pick up time, then what should be our acceptable waiting time for a partner to wait?

Kindly wait for 1 Hour, because the customer may have some issues.

What is the hourly waiting penalty for a customer?

Kindly check the penalty chart.

What is the hourly waiting penalty for the partner?

Kindly check the penalty chart.

In GIM, how the truck fare is calculated?

There is no base fare issue. You have to place a trip request mentioning your pick-up and destination location along with your goods description (that you want to transport). The truck owners will check your trip information and interested driver will respond to your trip with their asking fare. You have to choose among responses(Bid). The asking fare may vary from driver to driver.

Is GIM’s service available all over Bangladesh?

Yes, our GIM service is available all over Bangladesh except the places where trucks can not go for deliveries.

What is the registration process?
  • At first, go to the GIM app from the play-store/ app-store and install it. 
  • Select  “Create my Account”
  • Enter your mobile number and press the register button.
  • Type 4 digits verification code in the boxes from your SMS.
  • Set your password and type email id (if any).
  • Enter your name, Date of Birth (DoB), NID number.
  • Upload front and back side images of your NID card.
  •  Click the Finish button
  • You will get a success notification and soon the account will be activated.
Why you will register with GIM as a customer?
  • GIM ensures a simple, seamless experience to deliver your goods.
  • With GIM, create trips anytime, anywhere, and move your goods safely.
  • Get the best truck rental service at a competitive price.
  • Location tracking facility anywhere in Bangladesh.
  • Got questions? GIM has 24/7 call center support if you have any query
What if I need laborers along with the truck?

In this case, kindly input the requirement in the instruction field. The charge of the labor will be discussed by the truck owner/driver.

Where do I write down the receiver contact number and address details?

There is a specific field to write the goods receiver number.

If the pick-up time is crossed, then what should be our acceptable waiting time for the customer to wait for a truck?

Kindly wait for 1 hour as we all know about the traffic condition and uncertainty.

If a customer starts delaying to load/unload the product after crossing pick up time, then what should be our acceptable waiting time for the partner to wait?

Kindly try not to delay more than 1 Hour, as you know that the driver has other scheduled delivery and every time has some cost issue.

How to report/complain?

If you face any inconvenience while using the GIM, please report through the GIM app and we will look into the matter. You can also call our helpline: Dhaka: 09678111444 Or email the issue to us at info@gim.com.bd

In case of accidental damage to my product, who will take the responsibility?

GIM will look after this issue of damage and try to find the resolution overall.

I didn’t like the attitude of the driver, what should I do?

Please, report the issue through the app/email/calling us that you didn’t like. Once reported, we will take corrective measures against the driver. Your suggestion, comment, and testimonial always help us to improve our service.

My products are stolen/mismatch, what should I do?

GIM will overall look after this issue of robbery/theft and try to find the resolution at the earliest possible time.

On the way to the destination if the truck had an accident, what is GIM’s policy?

GIM will try their level best to communicate with the emergency service and help out the customer along with the partner as soon as possible.

Driver asked for tips! what should I do?

Please, report the issue of the tips. Once reported, we will take corrective measures against the driver.

Who can be the driver of GIM?

Any driver in Bangladesh with a professional driving license may register as GIM’s driver.

What is the registration process for the driver?
  • To register as a driver first you need to get an invitation from the partner.
  • Partner will select the “Driver option” from his app and select the Plus(+) icon at the upper right corner of that page.
  • He will input the driver’s phone number in the box and send an invitation.
  • The driver will get the invitation link through SMS at his phone number.
  • By visiting the link driver will get a registration page where he needs to fill up the form with the necessary information and mandatory documents.
Do I need to drive only in my city or I can drive the whole country?

You can drive inside the whole country.

Do I need to have my truck to join GIM?

It’s not mandatory to have your own truck but if you drive someone else truck then the owner of the truck must have to know about your registration at GIM. We will communicate with the owner to verify the issue.

How can I use GIM?

Currently, to use GIM you just need to tag with a partner first and then you will get the trips.

How can I update my existing document in GIM?
  • First login to your GIM driver account from our website gim.com.bd
  • Click on the “Driving licence Tab” from the left menu bar.
  • Here you can update Driving license number, Expiry date, the front page of your driving license, and the back page of your driving license.
  • If you want to change your fleet owner then you can change that from here as well.
If the pick-up time is crossed, then what should be our acceptable waiting time for the customer to wait for a truck?

Please wait for 1 Hour and give the customer a call about his/her status.

If a customer starts delaying to load/unload the product after crossing pick up time, then what should be our acceptable waiting time for the partner to wait?

Please wait for 1 Hour and then let the customer know about the delay.

How do I report an issue/complaint?

Kindly call at our helpline: 09678111444 Or email the issue to us at info@gim.com.bd

What is the payment system?
  • When the driver will start and end a trip with Cash on delivery, he will send the GIM commission amount within a fixed time frame.
  • If the trip is paid through digital payment then GIM will pay the driver within a fixed time frame.
  • For any issue, GIM will communicate with driver from time to time.
  • If the driver has any query then kindly call at our helpline:  09678111444
I didn’t get my payment on time?

Kindly call at our helpline: 09678111444 Or email the issue to us at info@gim.com.bd

Who may become GIM’s Agent?

Any smartphone user who has good connection with truck providers and/or truck seekers can become GIM’s agent. One must be 18 or older to register as an Agent.

What is the registration process?
  • In order to be an agent, you first have to download the GIM Partner App and register as a Partner.
  • Once you are registered as a partner, you will have to share your name, contact number, and address with us so that our sales representative can reach you.
  • After information verification, your partner account will be upgraded to Agent within 24 hours.
How much is the GIM service charge?

The GIM service charge is 10% of the total value of each trip.

I am a registered partner of yours, can I be an agent?

Yes, you can be our agent too. Share your name, mobile number, and your contact address with us to become an agent. Our representative will contact you shortly.

I am one of your partners and now registered as an agent, can I take a trip like before?

Yes, you can continue your normal trip even after you become our agent.

Will I get a commission on my trip if I am an agent in a partner condition?

After registering as an agent, you need to register a new partner/customer for commission and use your agent mobile number as a reference number at the time of registration. You will receive a commission only if your newly registered partner/customer successfully completes their trip.

How do I know if I have been approved as an agent after depositing money?

You will be approved as soon as your submitted agent form is verified and you will be notified by message or phone call.

What to do to get the commission as an agent?
  • After being approved as an agent first, you must register the people who are interested in becoming a partner/customer.
  • At the time of registration, you have to input your mobile number in the “Referral Number” box of that person’s app.
  • From then on, every time a person using your referral number successfully completes a trip during the campaign, you will receive a commission.
How do I send an app download link to a partner/customer as an agent?

You can send the download link of the app to the partner/customers from the agent option. Enter the person’s mobile number in the box provided at your partner app and submit.

How to get agent commission money?

Commission money will be sent to your given bkash/bank account number.

Will the agent get a commission from all the trips of his customer/partner?

If you refer a registered enterprise customer assigned by GIM, only then you will not receive a commission for that customer’s trip. Otherwise referring to any other partner/customer, you will get a commission after completing the trip.

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