GIM Digital Truck is The best truck rental app in Bangladesh, where you can easily create trips anytime, anywhere and move your goods efficiently. GIM offers various types of trucks (open truck, covered truck and others) ranging from 1 to 40 tons. Using GIM, you can easily create trips and choose from real-time competitive bids by registered service providers. You can Stay relaxed by tracking your goods from your phone and get the digital invoice every time the trip ends.

GIM ensures a simple, seamless experience to deliver your goods.

– With GIM, create trips anytime, anywhere and move your goods safely.
– Get the best truck rental service at a competitive price.
– Location tracking facility anywhere in Bangladesh.
– Got questions? GIM has 24/7 call center support if you have any queries.

What People Saying about Best Truck Rental App In Bangladesh

I’m using GIM Customer app for past one month. The app is very secure, easy to use. I called them several times. They are very helpful. Best trucking solution in Bangladesh if you are into business.

Very good Service for Truck Rental and pickup. Customer service is very helpful and knowledgeable. From start to finish, they updated me with everything. Found the rate is on par with the market. Best truck rental app in Bangladesh.

GIM is a truck rental app which is very effective in Bangladesh. This digital truck service saves our time and also money. People like us can easily hire pickup truck from GIM. I hope they will overcome all the market obstacle and make their service more better and easier for us.

Here’s how you register:

Step 1 – Download and install the GIM Customer app.

Step 2 – Open the app, tap on “Create My Account” and we’ll guide you step by step till you’re ready to move your goods and start saving.

Step 3 – Create trips anytime, anywhere. You will receive bids in real time from various registered service providers. Choose the best one for you.

Step 4 – Once the trip is live, track your goods. Most of our vehicles are equipped with a tracker facility. Once the trip ends, you will automatically receive an invoice.

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