According to the STL Partners’ research, the 5G communication and facility towards supply chain management, transport, and logistics industry; could generate around 280 billion of additional GVA (gross value added) within 2030. 

The logistics industry is driving fast when it comes to digital transformation but also facing low margins, high operating costs, and increasingly stringent customer demands. 5G technology can drive new cases and make improvements to existing applications in the industry. 

STL Partners’ research report highlights three use cases that are expected to bring significant value to the transport and logistics industry. 

  1. Connected to the traffic infrastructure
  2. Real-time routing and best optimization
  3. Automated last 100 yards delivery

The benefits from these three cases include less traffic along with a more efficient supply chain management system and fewer road accidents. There will be some challenges to adopting these new cases. The transportation sector and logistics industry need to work together with telecom operators and solution providers. 

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