Be a GIM agent and double your income! GIM Agent is a representative of GIM who will work at field level to deliver and advocate the service nationwide.    

Any partner who is registered in GIM can be an agent. One can also register as a new partner and become a GIM agent. Agent must be 18 or above. The agent should be able to operate a smartphone. Because an agent needs to help the customers to make a trip and partners to get a trip when needed. The agent’s main responsibility is to ensure successful trips by registering new partners and keeping them active. If there’s any successful trip from agent’s reference then he or she will get a commission for each trip

Gym Agent

During the campaign, Agents will receive 20% of GIM’s commission on each partner trip and 10% of GIM’s commission on each customer trip.

The trip to the GB Commission

In this way, the agent will receive a commission during the campaign as long as the registered partners and customers take a trip or truck from GIM. The higher the price of the trip, the higher the commission

Documents required to be a GIM agent:

If you are an agent in the gym, what documents will apply

It is important to remember that, an agent of GIM will only represent the GIM. The Agent cannot work with any other truck rental company.     

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