Mojibor is sitting in a tea stall. He looks worried. He needs 4 trucks today. It’s a long troublesome journey to rent trucks. 

Manju is standing in the alley. He has been sitting idle in this truck stand for past 3 days. Didn’t get a single trip. 

The above two problems are the most common picture of transportation sector in Bangladesh. Many commercial vehicles sit idle due to lack of trips. On the other hand, there are many businessmen who are failing to send the product at the right time due to unavailability of trucks. 

This problem in transportation of goods has been going on for ages in the whole world including our country. Because the industry is still operating in the conventional way where to rent trucks one has to go to a truck stand. And the truck owners wait when a new customer or party arrives.

What if one mobile app can completely eliminate this whole long journey by connecting customers, drivers and truck owners to each other in an online platform?

GIM is an online truck rental marketplace. In this platform, truck owners, agents, and drivers can easily get connected to the customers who need various type of trucks. GIM’s aim is to ensure a truck rental facility to various types of enterprises and individual customers.

Currently, GIM is working with two apps. GIM Customer App and GIM Partner app. The Android version of the apps are available in the Google Play Store. Soon the apps will be available in iOS platform too.   

Why should you use GIM: 

Get GIM today and change your idea of goods transportation. Welcome to this new world of possibilities!

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