With the fast pace of technology, the world is shifting toward automated interventions. There is no exception in the case of logistics. The efficient transport of goods is one of the main factors of profitability for businesses and it has so many things to do with shipping goods. We face numerous challenges in doing so, like:

Experience the most efficient logistics facility with GIM and bring an end to your day to day supply chain hassle. We are building an efficient Digital Goods Transport Network in Bangladesh through a robust online platform. Linking consumers to shippers through smartphone applications and web-based services, we are seeking to reduce the difference and optimize the proper usage of capital. Prominent brands like Lafarge Holcim, Energypac, ACI etc. has already started working with us. Why would you fall behind? Join us to experience the next level logistics.

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The country’s leading edible oil manufacturer Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited (BEOL), representing the renowned brand ‘Rupchanda’ has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GIM Digital Truck (gim.com.bd) to take advantage of the enterprise services of GIM Digital Truck (gim.com.bd), an online-based logistics solution provide.

The signing has recently taken place between Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited (BEOL) and Ejogajog Limited. During the ceremony, on behalf of Ejogajog Limited, Md Tarikul Hasan, Head of Operation, Maruf Mizan, Head of Sales, and Md Iftekhar Uddin, Senior Manager, Sales were present. Inam Ahmed, General Manager of BEOL, signed the agreement on their part.

According to the MoU, GIM will provide all services related to transporting goods for products including oil, rice, resin, imported machinery and others to all over Bangladesh. The product line of BEOL comprises brands like Rupchanda, Kings, Veola, Mizan etc.

About the signing, Yaseen Fida Hossain, Senior General Manager of Ejogajog Limited, said, “Goods in Motion i.e. GIM earned the trust of customers over the time. We are thrilled to have Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited as our client, and surely will provide significant value addition in the supply chain domain through transparency, cost efficiency and data analytics”.

With the slogan “Technology in Logistics,” the GIM Digital Truck app has already received a huge response from users by ensuring international grade service and safe transportation. Currently, GIM has more than 12,000 registered trucks with carrying capacity of over 100,000 tonnes across the country. All sorts of trucks familiar on Bangladesh roads will be available through the GIM app. The service providers/drivers and customers remain assured of the goods and vehicles as GIM verifies both the parties. As soon as a customer creates the trip in the GIM app, GIM partners start bidding. Customers choose best deal from the bids.

BEOL is looking for new and improved experience in goods transport and will be able to mitigate their demands for various capacity trucks on time at different routes across the country though GIM platform.

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