An efficient logistics system plays a crucial role in supply chain management and it is also incorporated into business strategy to achieve effective and profitable outcomes. With the advancement of technology, logistics has also become digitized and hence, more accessible. In fact, businesses of all sizes can now access an efficient logistics system due to the presence of third-party digital logistics services.

Goods in Motion (GIM) is an online truck rental marketplace. In this platform, truck owners, agents, and drivers can easily get connected to the customers who need various types of trucks. The aim of GIM is to ensure a truck rental facility to various types of businesses and individual customers.

The main role of logistics is to reduce any step of the supply chain, particularly to reduce time wasted in shipping goods and raw materials. Investing in an efficient logistics system ensures overall increased working efficiency for the company and also improves customer experience. To elaborate, there is a mismatch between the demand and supply for truck-based logistics in Bangladesh. It was not an uncommon occurrence where businesses in need of logistics services needed to take out time from their daily activities to look for trucks suited to their purpose while truck drivers spent long hours idle at the truck stand, waiting for a customer to arrive. During the ongoing pandemic, the problem has become even more prevalent due to restricted mobility and the consequent slow pace with which businesses are now forced to operate. Furthermore, businesses now have the added problem of dealing with extra inventory. Besides the added overhead costs of storing inventory, businesses suffer even more when dealing with perishable goods, be it the final product or incoming raw materials. On the other hand, consistent delayed shipping to the end customer could also prove to be detrimental to a company’s reputation and brand image. However, if businesses resort to third party logistics apps like GIM, chances of these inconveniences occurring are negligible.

Therefore, businesses availing third-party logistics services from GIM can vouch for smooth operations and a diligent supply chain to increase efficiency and consequently, higher profitability. In fact, efficient logistics can even be levered to gain a competitive edge over other companies. Additionally, companies like GIM are mutually beneficial for businesses as well the overall economy. Especially during these unprecedented times, the company does not only contribute to increasing companies’ overall performance but is also generating employment. These factors play an important role in increasing the per capita income and consequently, increases the overall well-being of the economy.

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