The new digital age enables the logistics industry to change its ecosystem. Due to the fast evolution of new technological ascension, a new horizon has been unveiled for the digital logistics management system. Now one can effortlessly maintain logistics through an app avoiding fights in a truck stand or over the phone for his freight management.   

During the current COVID19 pandemic, digital logistics management is the best solution you could hope for. Here are top five benefits of a digital logistics system- 

Because of the COVID-19, it is unwise to go in a crowded area. Better install a logistics management app on your phone and simply meet your logistics needs while staying at home. Currently, there are multiple logistics apps operating in Bangladesh. GIM DIgital Truck is often recognized as one of the finest for large enterprise and corporate. 

In the transportation sector, middlemen are syndicate. They take profit from both the shippers and carriers. Because of them, most of the time the market price fluctuates, and everyone in the ecosystem suffers. But the best part of a digital logistics system, the middleman factor can be avoided. 

In an app-based platform, anyone can rent the desired truck at the best market rate as there is a bidding system. In a single trip, many carriers can bid with their price, and from the price list, shippers can easily choose the best one. The shippers can also avoid the middleman and rent a truck with the best market price.    

For large enterprises and corporates in Bangladesh, logistics management is often a very difficult job. Logistics app like GIM enables a logistics manager to manage all his logistics needs through an app. It saves time and makes the process more efficient. 

In online platforms like GIM, shippers can make the payment digitally. After every trip, a digital receipt is provided through the app. Both shippers and carriers can check the transaction history with a single click. No need to maintain an extra ledger.

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