Due to the pandemic, the truck freight market went down in the last few months. But from September, 2020 it increases according to the data from the American Trucking Associations. 

The monthly index of the association measures the change in tonnage hauled by fleets. It is basically done before any seasonal adjustment. ATA Chief said that, “September month had a very nice recovery after a remarkable decline in August.” 

The truck freight market continues to move strongly, with strength in retail and construction. In the USA during the third quarter, truck tonnage increased to 2.4% over the second quarter. As per ATA ( American Trucking Associations) the biggest regional increase was with Asia which was really surprising, and the largest regional decrease was with Europe.  

In Bangladesh, the truck freight market is also moving very strongly after recovering from the early stage of the pandemic. Digital platforms like GIM, help this sector to build a proper marketplace.
News Source: Dcvelocity and Internet.

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